About Us

Euphora Inc. is a family own business in San Fransisco area and primarily established as an online store in 2022. Our family has been living in the Bay Area since before the turn of millennium and very much motivated to build this business from the economic downturn commonly occurred in Bay Area, Northern California.
Our business goals are targeting niche products everyone would love to buy for their homes or families and our long term mission would be to help local niche products in greater United States and sell them globally in pursuit of supporting small family own businesses in America. We are determined to help them be successful in introducing their own niche products to the market while helping our communities to be self-sustainable in expanding their self-entrepreneurship.
Our business charter would be as the following:
  • Discover local niche products whether that's farm, dairy products, to local brand retail products to introduce.
  • Establish business to business (B2B) plan on particularly small to medium size businesses and help them embark online to market their product  right from their store.
  • Provide long term consulting on how to grow their business online: whether that's marketing, advertisement, or simply expanding their product lines.

Euphora as it meant by definition. Our mission is to ensure our direct customers will be very happy and in euphoric state as they purchase our products online or hire us as their business partners.  

We stand firmly on the products we sell on this website and as the business grow, we strive to continue ensuring our customers satisfaction is our highest priority. 

Thank you for reading this page and we love to hear from you. 


Euphora Inc.